How to solve a dead PC?
Learn that PCs have on average about 20 major parts (modules) that if fail or short  the PC goes dead.
Using simple flow charts or first checking these items.
Replace known to be bad  or test all batteries first.  (RTC coin cell battery replaced) See battery slide show here.
Push the power button for 10 seconds and release.(cured?)
Or pull the AC line cord from the wall jack and let the PC rest for 1 hour no AC power. ( this is the hard cold reset) for Desktops)
If  this is a laptop,  ( reset the laptop for 1 hour with no AC power pack and no huge battery installed or disconnected )
Laptops remove the big battery and run on AC power only on laptops. (even forever)  That battery can  short and this overloads the power regulators in the PC.
After bad batteries comes, bad HDD the #3  top of list order of failure by age. The test is simple read this short page.

  1. My PC Died diagnostic flow chart is here:    (testing in the correct order is key to success)
  2. A simple Dead BIOS flow chart. 
  3. A Dead Desktop Monitor diagnostic flow chart. (VGA/HDMI/DVI/DP)
  4. See the flow chart of  a typical monitor the inside major firmware logic.
  5. The PC is overheating? (why and cures and why this makes any PC slow) and all cures.
  6. HDD problems and all tests and cures for the Hard disk drive or upgrades. (SSD and external HDD too)
  7. Why Windows 10 installs fail, (HDD not bad) Legacy failures. Outdated PC's.
Bad sounding noises:
  • PC Fans rattle. (a bad fan or just full of lint , loose fan mount/screws or PSU wires hitting its blades)
  • HDD making huge bad noises it is bad.
  • Beeps (RTM read your manual for what they mean as seen only on OLD PCs) Newer PCs do LED blink codes or text errors not beeps today.
  • Standing too close to  Matthew Broderick (War-Games 1983')
Running a CPU with no fan or heat-sink, it burns up. ( new PC's shut down 'Intel Inside"™ magic)

My PC is slow why?, well all  PCs that with age. (cures here) this topic is huge, as slow has vast causes.

OFF SITE links on topic dead PC.

To diagnose any PC, use a simple flow chart after replacing the batteries first. ( or these famous gems)

Last and best is this ASUS.com Desktop trouble-shooter.(no power on at all, no boot or no post and no display)

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