XP SUCKS? (swamp gas)? or is it more like the Titanic? 
                   That ICE berg is what?  Malware post year 2014 !
                   The cure is Robolinux for free?
You love XP, but reality happens !

MS Windows, XP  32bit only, was great for 16 Years now 2017 ( October 25, 2001 to -2014) but times change!, the web has changed for the worse. (VISTA is also dead now) (MS = Microsoft.com)
Your Ex President OBAMA might say " If you like your XP?, then keep your XP"
XP is offially dead.  (at Microsoft and at you PC makers web site)

First some Statistics: (now)
The current XP world wide exposure is 6% June 2016,  and falling fast, USA was 4.2% and VISTA 2.5% (2015)  As of 2017 XP is below 2% world wide.
XP peaked at 77% and now is below 2%
Vista peaked at 23% and is now below 0.45%  12/2016
We are told that in USA XP is less than 1% and falling like a rock ! 6/2017 ( 3 cheers to that !) RIP !

First the good things:( I will not talk about or cover MS OFFICE or MS games or  other MS applications"
  • Your PC came new with XP and ran for 13 years just great and will still run great off the internet if you reload XP first from your PC makers install media.(or the HP F11 magic key reload)
  • Activation at MS still works.
  • MS updates still are there (Aug.2017)  and load and work but not new ones, there are no new  updates.
  • The MS Plug&Play Drivers servers are still there (half dead) and run and load and work but are frozen in time, no new drivers added.  I asked MS confirms my tests.,goes  BYE BYE SOON 8-1-2017)
  • I am  only talking XP here, not Applications nor  IE 8 .
  • There exists XP  install CD (ISO) that will run and load to any SATA PC made, seen the MONSTER XP  here.
  • The MS offical CDs still work from MS or from your PC maker called HP (if it is).  Still works the same way, the MS disk will miss some drivers but the HP disk will NOT.
  • You can run XP off line until the end of time,  (hardware happy, or replaced as they fail) There is no clock inside, ticking like a time bomb. (activated MS license for sure)
  • One can build a TITAN DVD called slip-streaming a huge DVD that has all drivers seen here and will load on almost any machine.
Now the  bad things: (and growing)
  • Microsoft (MS) direct support has ended on Retail , XP support,  but not the military versions.(uncle sam has paid contracts here  US.GOV has for 30  millions of  bucks.+ )
  • New devices added to your PC will not be supported by MS, (truely new, not say and old 2005 NIC card that is supported.)
  • No new updates,  that means when using the web you will get infected. for sure, and worse every day forward in time. (like jogging naked) Sure AVG can help a bit, but with IE8,? are you kidding?
  • XP has serious problems loaded fresh on some machines with SATA only Drives (it has no SATA drivers) the same is true for many USB ports not supported or fully.  (Install time says, NO HDD FOUND?)
  • XP  has over 700 exploits ! and far less with SP3 !, my Ubuntu v17 Linux has 1.  Run this free linux if savvy or for sure,  banking !I run  my Linux inside a VM W10 Hyper-V.
  • XP SP1 home is the worst 109   (don't even try XP zero service packs loaded ever, circa 2001)
  • XP IE8 is full of danger it is a malware magnet and is not supported now, nor can XP run IE11, and IE11 is supported with patches. (bad bad  news  on IE8 !)
  • XP has zero day exploits that will NOT be corrected. (says MS !)
  • XP has serious issues during install time, with SATA chips and USB.  (SATA drivers) See cures here and the F6 blunder deal and the XP monster cure..
  • If you load XP fresh , if it loads at all,  you will find out many devices in the PC are now dead and  need drivers and some can be very hard to find. click blunder above.  See here for Drivers.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials MSE ,updates work but may be frozen, IDK
  • Microsoft is not taking XP phone calls.... and for sure claims of your COA key was stolen if true, as many are.  (this can be a real show stopper, your KEY stolen)
  • MRT.exe , MS malware software removal tool. patches. I think is  now frozen. (to mid 2015 year final release)
  • Many of the top forums , the members flat refuse to discuss  XP at all. (with the terse UPGRADE it, bozo )
  • If you call your PC maker, you will learn , NO XP SUPPORT NOW.  Check it out.!
To run XP you need the best 3rd party malware package  there is, AVG paid version comes to mind. (or ESET)
Never run XP with out SP3 loaded. (know to that SP3 has blocks of new drivers inside ,and a key to limited success there )
Never Run IE1 to 8, ever, run the newest FIREFOX . (avoid Internet Exploder, totally)
Never run with out the  Ransom-ware patch for XP is here. WANNACRY
Never run lacking a hardware firewall in your  router turned on, and all incoming ports turned off
Never run XP  with the XP firewall disabled.
Do not forget that you can also try VISTA,  get a real CD and load it. It beats XP hands down. Vista is like W7 lite.  Some PC's will not run right on W7 up.  this is a fact.
Many chips used say in 2002 , the chip maker never created W7 drivers. ( there are cures, but may take a new PCI card to replace the dead chip with newer working card, function and W7 drivers)
XP will tell you at install time no HDD found for many reasons: see list below:
  • The SATA chips there are not supported directly with SETUP.exe (MS Install program) Use the Monster CD mentioned here.
  • The HDD was pre-formated to apple computers.
  • The HDD formated to some other non MS format,  the cure in both cases is to fully ERASE it. (google that, billions of answers)
  • The HDD is dead. (test it) if it don't spin heard or felt or clicks like mad it is DEAD.
  • HDD cables missing, data or power.
  • The BIOS has the SATA or PATA ports turned  off, so turn them on.

MS = MICROSOFT every time I use that 2 letter abbreviation...

But all old MS updates are still there   (I tested it End AUG 2017 and it's a GO , tested with WSUS app.)
    This XP PAGE section , assumes you do serious PC work, like banking or adjusting your 401K online, or writing books, or developing software or hardware engineering,etc.)
    If all you is play on your PC and no personal data., then run XP,  but don't expect much help when it goes dead. (IT WILL)

    If your watched the news spring 2017, did you see the UK Hospitals go dead,? from XP , then few weeks later Russians?  all  with RANSOMEWARE.
    Do NOT BE next, IMO get the XP last update to block Ransomeware.

    At the least try to get VISTA. Many HP old PCs they had this as an option, get it. W7 is a far wiser choice.
    This message is not telling you what to do, it's a warning that you will soon get infected (PC virus) if you ignore it, it is not  a guess, it is a fact, deal with facts as you may.
    Microsoft will tell you to upgrade.
    They are correct in this regard ,but most folk will discover that that means W7 purchase, for $120 , just to find it W7 does not support many things in there OLD 2001 PC.
    Many drivers for old chips in your PC do NOT have W7 drivers available, not made, not supported here.
    You just got brick walled.
    Many persons with a 2008+ PC may find out windows 7 does load ok.  (but not with new SATA chips, see SATA comments on this page)
    What will run best is anyones guess. and is expensive to test.  (MS has few answers here, in fact the WHQL drive base is not even published so answers here are near impossible thanks to them)
    However you can load (fresh install) W10 for free, try it and then regress to W7 if it fails. (the 30 day rule)
    W7  downloads at MS take a new key for $100 to download it (or your retail key), but not W10,  this is your best change here, W10 , try it for free. Your OEM key on bottom of PC is useless here,( MS need not do that but did)
    MS is wise to allow W10 try outs. (But W10 is not a OS now, it is only a marketing tool)
    One guy said what is SATA, it's that which is not PATA.  It is any drive with this connector:
    in both cases the power connector must be connected. 
    XP hates SATA drives (HDD/SSD and DVD),  of 100s of SATA chips only a few old ones are supported long ago.... See monster XP disk mentioned on this page for a  for sure cure.

    Plug and Play, XP,  (pray):  TESTING by me...
    See my XP  search here at MS on topic.
    First off , Microsoft does not allow
    you to look insider their PnP servers, (MS called it  the Driver Catalogs, when I asked them)  
    They flat refused, to allow , just looking, at drivers, to see, its NAME and version and source, SUX no?  (unlike wonderful LINUX) 
    Btw there is a MS utility to view all updates, but not driver data bases directly.
    So I did some tests for some old friends that use  XP (don't ask why they do?).
    I have this huge box of  old PCI cards,  and one very old fully working like new Intel,  MOBO based PC destop. (2004 built) With Fresh virgin, XP loaded and SP3 . (off MS offical hologramed disks)
    TESTING 123: (in short, see link below for full tests methods)
    • I start with all internet dead, off line. (no lan, no wifi)
    • I did tests to all cards in my box 1 by 1 (or chips on board) that DO NOT have local, windows, driver Cache support.  (thus forcing my live XP to look online , on the internet to one of these MS secret servers)
    • I found out that on average 1/2 the drivers fail.  All cards and chips  are period correct.  2001to 2007, Pre-VISTA)
    • Even the most common Intel Lan chips fail, Pro100. 82801 ICH5 (very damning this fact and a very big pain not having Internet up at the get go... but we do force feed it from here.)
    The Pro 100 chip drivers , the 82801EB above is 2003 chip so in 10 long years (2003-2013), MS failed to support the very common chip used on vast millions of PC both desk and laptop. (or shut down the server!)
    Really the ICH5 is and Acid test for that server if ever there was...2003, chip. (not in the local cache, nor at MS.com)
    Plug & Play for XP  only  partially works today (even Aug, 2017)
    See my tests on this page below, and how to get all drivers all ways from SUNDAY. 
    See my driver page on my tests and  how 
    XP drivers can be found and do  function, and see the Monster XP CD that loads on any SATA based system.
    I ran PnP  tests and proved that on this date. ( It's like the old kids movie.  "The endless story" and the NOTHING is coming ! Soon to and XP near you. UPGRADE NOW.

    Using these tools
    I built and XP monster disk from my Retail MS XP PRO CD.  (XP-pro-sp3+LAN+Mass.iso) (using W10-64 to do that)
    That  means I preloaded MS Service Pack 3, all LAN chips (ethernet)  (and all MASS storage  controllers (SATA CHIPS out the Wazoo and more... ) the disk loads now on PC's from 2004 to new.

    ISO still fits a CD-R.  cool.

    Keep XP off the internet, the net is now 100 times more dangerous now,  it's not 2001 or 1995 it is 2017,  go crazy and buy a used w7 PC for $25 go banana's

    NEWS FLASH 9-1-2017:
    Microsoft is in fact shutting down (late) all MS online XP driver servers for PnP (at the Update catalog servers) it's 1/2 gone now they say.
    (they still have UPDATES still ALL THERE, what I call OS patches for exploits and SP3 is there.)

    PnP means online Plug and Play driver access at MS.! (off line still works the same, near brain dead as, always)

    version6  8-21-2017             UNDER       all is this page is in my opinion only, and can change easy as the world  or MS changes.  This is not HP affiliated in anyway, nor MS.